Loose ends.

So apparently I haven’t blogged in months. Coming back to my site, I took the time to read the summaries of who came to my site and why and would like to start with an apology: To whomever Googled ‘Fine Art Drawings Vampires’, I don’t know why Google brought you here. I’m so sorry about the lack of the supernatural in my work.

Yesterday was my last day at NSCAD, which mostly means that I’ve been walking around getting nostalgic about everything. I love that place, I really really do. Leaving the wonderful community is hard. Although I have made many plans for collaboration, crits and drinks, it was strange to walk around the empty studios knowing I may never have the experience of making work beside my friends and such impressive artists ever again. Moving out today felt a lot like moving out of my childhood home. Exciting, terrifying, and incredibly sentimental.

In the past few months I’ve been trying to mentally prepare for becoming an adult, and trying to make as much work as I can while the equipment was still there. After my show I focused my painting practice more on attempts at naturalism and trying to work on my technical skill. After a trip to New York in the spring, I felt completely revitalized and ready to stop taking myself so seriously. The end result was many months on the same painting. A HUGE painting which is roughly 8 ft by 5 ft. Soon enough I’ll have a half decent picture of it. Until then, here’s a sneak preview:


Unfortunately, this photo is kinda like that one of the Sasquatch. Someday I’ll put enough effort in to get a proper photo of it.


Lithe has been kinda living a life of its own this semester. It has been doing much better then I expected for it and I’m thrilled.  The nominations came in for the Starfish Art Award and this little guy won the film category. All in the same month it got into the Halifax Independent Film Festival during the Experimental Film program.  I had a ton of fun at the festival. Aelita, Queen of Mars opened the festival and was so amazing.


For bragging purposes I would like to point out that yes, the dress I’m wearing is film themed, and yes I did sew it. You don’t put together a show on domesticity and not learn a thing or two about sewing.

Now if anyone needs me I’ll be over here worrying about the future.




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