Polaroid and other modern tragedies.

When one is incredibly busy, the most natural instinct would be to take up new projects.

I signed up for history of photography this semester on a whim thinking “this has nothing to do with my practice at all, which will make it new and refreshing.” Why I didn’t stop to think that the history of photography might be incredibly relevant to making 16mm films is beyond me now.

So here I am, four months later realizing that photography is incredibly influential to all I do and wanting to take up photography so badly. What does one do when one has no real knowledge on photography? Buy a bunch of Polaroid film and let the camera do the work for you!

These are a few studio shots I took today.



I love these photos. They give me fond memories of the many many hours I spent in these spaces this semester.

And as a bonus, here’s Adam Sigrist!


Now here’s the sad part of the story. I dropped the camera today. It’s fine, but when I dropped it it spit out the three remaining pieces of film. Expensive, impossible project film. Wasted. The good news? They made weird abstract shapes that are making the experimental film maker in me all excited. It might lead to something…



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