Dear painting, we can make it work…

I’m still not painting. My ‘break’ from painting has just become not painting. I vow to fix it next week. I promise from the bottom of my heart.

I have been however sewing like mad. I have, since probably the dawn of time, wanted to make a quilt. It just seems so delightfully domestic. So after many hours spent in the quilting section of the library (did you know that the library has a whole section for this? Why am I only learning at 21 how magical the library is?) I came up with a fantastic pattern, and bought all the most ridiculous fabrics I could, and yes the one beside the anchors does have cowboys on it.


Someday I will buy more of that cowboy fabric and make little outfits for my roommates like they’re the Von Trapp family singers. The fabrics are mostly in primary colours because I miss my dear roommate Romie so so very much.


I never thought I would say this after taking up knitting this summer but sewing a quilt has to be by far the most addictive thing I’ve ever taken up. I’ve been eating while sitting at the sewing machine. I want to skip work to sew. I’m in Lunenburg right now getting the sewing shakes because I’m away from my machine. I now understand why women retire and do nothing else.

Here’s a shot of what the center of the squares that make up my quilt look like. Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep under that?



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