Body of Work

Soooooo sometimes I do this thing where I ignore my blog for months at a time. It’s been working really well for me.

The semester ended in a blaze of glory, and by blaze of glory I mean many many hours in the print studio. Since my practice has turned into mostly just knitting, embroidering, and planning an epic quilt that I might never make.

I have also been the curatorial intern at the Anna Leonowens Gallery all summer long. I’ve learned so much about how the gallery works and really enjoyed my time there. I’ve been mostly working towards one show that will be opening on Monday at 5:30.



The show is a mix of work from NSCAD’s permanent collection and current students. All the work deals with using the body as a medium. The show includes artists like Dennis Oppenheim, Vito Acconci, and Joyce Wieland.

It was so exciting to get so close to all the works in the permanent collection. A lot of the artists in the show have really influenced my own practice since I’ve been at NSCAD. Joyce Wieland’s films really changed the way I approached 16mm. After finally seeing the works laid out in the gallery space I am really anxious to finally get things hung. It really came together just the way I had pictured it.

Anyone who’s in town should stop by! I’m making brownies!




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