Chagall invited the goat.

Sometimes we spend so long learning about old artists and their careers and personal lives that they feel like old friends. I went to a Marc Chagall retrospective this Christmas at the AGO and I’m pretty positive he and I would have just been like peas and carrots.

I’m not even really sure that I’m that into his paintings, he just sounds like he was the sweetest man who ever picked up a paint brush. If I were Russian he would have invited me over for tea.

And that is what inspired this little print I made this morning.


Printing is unbelievably time consuming but has been a nice switch in my creative thought process. This is an intaglio print, and I had a fantastic time doing it. Drawing goats made me really understand just why one might put one in every painting.

After all, what is love without a violin playing goat?


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