It would be really cool if today was super productive and I finished two paintings and cooked a big dinner and cleaned my house and did laundry, but thanks to last nights Christmas party, it was not.

I finished another film on 16mm, this one went a lot less smoothly then then last film. Nothing feels worse then spending all day developing the film you’ve spent your last week shooting only to turn the lights on and have NOTHING be on the film. Not even a spot. Super disappointing.

Regardless, I managed to save what was left and did what I could. It is a little shorter then I intended for it to be. I hand processed it, hand shot it, and then hand sewed on it. So hours and hours went into it. Hand sewing on film was very cool and very time consuming. If 100 feet of film is three minutes I’m sure you can take a wild guess here on how long it took me to get a flash of thread to come on the screen.

Either way, here it is. It will be shown this wednesday at 9pm at the Carbon Arc on Barrington. Come watch, it’ll be a good time.


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