My roommates seem to have caught the ‘Skyrim’

There was a time when all my roommates and I were BFF and hung out but now its just a whole lot of Skyrim playing. What is Skyrim? From what I’ve gathered you fight dragons and vampires, to save the people. Its tricky though because sometimes people steal your house and sometimes ghosts try to kill your demon horse or play hide and go seak with you. It takes place in medieval Sweden maybe?

Either way, the loss of my roommates has inspired this painting. I tried to recreate the erie light in the room when all the lights are off and the TV is on. Once again, what a terrible quality photo. In the new year I’m going to be the best painting documenter you’ve ever seen.

And yes, it’s a diptych, so no I didn’t paint a weird line down the middle. Heres a detail of Jesse Johns superior bone structure.

Speaking of video game addictions, remember this gem?


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