My old wrinkly hands.

After a very, very long day I finally finished my cats cradle painting. It took many, many mix tapes lots of tea. I’m all around pretty happy with it, but would really like to have just a few more hours on the yarn. I used a different persons hands for each set. This really didn’t turn out the way I had planned however because everyone really only sat to get the drawing down so in the end, they sort of all look like my hands.

I realized I have old looking hands compared to other women my age. I was painting today and contemplating on why that might be. Then I went to wash my hands and the water beaded because of the thin layer of oil on my fingers. Linseed oil and taltine arn’t exactly good for youthful looking hands. I’m going to die at 30.

On an equally exciting note, I saw my first ever downstairs studio mouse. It was cute and we played hide and go seek for awhile. I’m not entirely sure why after all this time in Granville I’m still really thrilled every time I spot one but it may or may not have been the best part of my day.


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