Toy boats and fire trucks…

I just finished a nice long weekend in Lunenburg. I’m not really the small town type at all and I find the whole place a little surreal. They have this tiny little grocery store, a tiny little library, tiny little restaurants and like a billion art galleries. Everyone who lives in that town makes art.

This is my favourite building there. Why? Mostly because it’s red and if I remember correctly, filled with model ships. When was it that I decided model ships were my calling? Sometime this saturday.

I stayed with Jason Skinner in his studio in the old fire hall. He is one of the artists in residence there and this is his blog: Jason Skinner Art. If he was as cool as I wish he was this is where I would put a picture of me sitting in one of those antique fire trucks, possibly with a hat on, but he said I wasn’t allowed. Sigh. We ate a ton of food and did some drawing.

I attended my first drawing class since foundation year and am happy to report I haven’t forgotten everything. Heres an awful quality photos of one of my drawings.

I’m back in the real world now and painting many many hands again. I should have a finished piece by friday.



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