Area Code 902

Today I built things. How satisfying.

I was feeling a little sick so I had a slow boring day. I did however manage to build an awesome board to start my new painting on. I’ve painted on many boards in my day but never built one.

So beautiful right? Yea I know.

Anywho, then I finished a quick little mixed media painting. It is based off an old antique phone that the man from urban cottage let me rent. Was every one else aware of this? That antique stores rent things out? Thrilling news.

And there it is! Its an awful photo but regardless, I had a lot of fun just jumping into this one with no plan and a pile of junk in front of me. There’s some twine on there, some plastic, a mans shirt, a phone book, some tape. It’s a Where’s Waldo of the junk in my studio. This is the first painting I’ve done in a long time that I’ve really enjoyed doing, and for that reason alone, I’m awfully fond of it.





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