The Itsy Bitsy Spider

You know how sometimes you make a blog so all your cool art friends will like you and then you abandon it for months at a time? Boy do I ever!

So its a new school year full of new classes, and its already one fourth over. I’m pretty grateful to be surrounded by all this art rather then cleaning toilets. As usual, I’m doing all sorts of painting and the odd film.

I recently finished my first ever 16mm film and I think I might be in love. I shot it on the Bolex, this awesome hand cranked, old time-y camera that makes the general public give me funny looks. After I shot it I hand processed it. Being young enough to essentially grow up with viewfinders makes shooting a film on real film pretty terrifying.

Look at those bad-ass gloves.

The whole processing experience was long and exhausting. I had to keep the film constantly moving which resulted in very sore wrists. After processing I took my film and physically cut it and taped it back together. This changes the whole mindset of editing. Once an edit is made, its done, its on there for good. This left me feeling a great deal of empathy for anyone who ever made a film before computers.It ¬†also left me feeling like I was steering a space ship because I got to use this beast of a machine to do it…

In reality, its about double this size.

Its hard to see in this photo but if you look on the left, there’s my film winding through all those spools and through the projector. Manually cutting combined all the things I love about physically holding my projects while painting with all the movement of film.

My film is about the gestures of childhood. All the little things you don’t do anymore because you grew up. Like itsy bitsy spider, or dangling your feet from chairs. Hopefully when I get a digital copy it will be posted soon!


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