on a rainy, rainy nova scotian day….

I’m enjoying my first day off work in what feels like a million years. This also just so happens to be the day that the whole ocean evaporated into the sky and is now raining down on my lovely harbor town. As a result I am inside with Jill Barber (not real Jill Barber although I’m sure that would be equally pleasant) and a whole lot of oil paints. After a quick phone call from my sister to get her opinion on if I should still drink my tea if i just spilt some linseed oil in it, I painted for the first time in a week or so.

Thank goodness I used such a low quality camera.

This is a portrait of my dad that I’ve started on a wood board that is about 8″x8″. I love these boards but they’ve been discontinued so I’m slowly working through my pile of them and might just give up painting once they’re gone. This is my dad playing flag football long before I was born. What luscious coppery 80’s hair he had. I’m particularly fond of his socks. Not sure what to do with the background yet. In the photo its based off of there is an equally 80’s looking man who I have no interest in painting. Painting him makes me nostalgic for home and those glass plates we had that looked like leaves. Not sure why.


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